Children’s Products

Have you met the federal safety requirement for children’s products before selling it? Well if you have not, here at AM testing we can do the testing for you and help you be compliant. As a CPSC certified 3rd party testing laboratory, we test all children’s products according to CPSIA regulations to ensure your product is in compliance with all safety requirements.

Children’s products are considered products in which children are not likely to interact/play with. They are designed or intended for use by children 12 years of age and under.

Products considered being children’s products are: books, potty seats, children’s furniture, arts & crafts, toothbrushes, toy organizers, etc.

Regulatory requirements for children’s products vary between each product. There is no “cookie cutter” guide to know if your product needs specific testing. In the lab, we evaluate the product and give a quote as to which testing requirements will need to be fulfilled for the product to be safe and compliant.

The CPSC requires these products to be tested to meet safety requirements for mechanical hazards, chemical properties, and flammability. Your product must always comply and have a certificate that shows conformity. So, do not get caught without one and have your product tested by us.

Testing Capabilities

(including but not limited to…)


Use & Abuse Testing F963
Sharp Point 16 CFR 1500.48
Sharp Metal 16 CFR 1500.49
Small Parts 16 CFR 1501
Flammability of Solids & Soft Toys 16 CFR 1500.44
Chemical Testing
Lead in children’s non-metal CPSC-CH-E1002
Lead in paint & Surface Coating CPSC-CH-E1003
Lead in paint & Surface, coating material 16 CFR Part 1303
Prop 65
Total Lead & Cadmium
Phthalates (+BPA)


Mechanical/Physical Hazards of toys CRC, c.931 / SOR/2011-17
Flammability of Toys CRC, c.931 / SOR/2011-17
Chemical Testing
Total Lead Content
Total Mercury Content
Soluble Metals
Phthalates SOR/2010-298
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